Mini coin purse?

  1. Does anyone know how much the mini coin purse costs in the UK? I'm really lusting after a rouge vif one since seeing this beautiful colour in real life! TIA :flowers:
    Also what do you ladies use it for appart from keeping change in it? Do you think it's too small to carry as a clutch?
  2. IMO it's too small to use as a clutch, it is the perfect change purse size though!
  3. Perc, it's not that small at all, I was surprised when I first got it. I use my ink coin purse everyday as my wallet, and the zippered compartment at the front to store coins. I once threw in my cellphone inside on top of the usual wallet stuff (ccs, money, ids, store cards, etc), and my keys, and sorta use it as a mini clutch to run out for lunch (though I'd probably won't use it as an everyday clutch). Here's a pic of mine aside my iPod for size comparison. Hope it helps :flowers:
    coinpurse.jpg shoulder3.jpg
  4. ooooh hatikuh how cute that little mirror is with that makeup clutch! (or is that the shoulder?) :heart: i didnt know it came with a mini mirror!!!!!! :love:

    oooooh! *bites lip* I need me some accessories. maybe that will tide me over until my city is fixed!
  5. perc, mine is used to store my video ipod, which i never leave home without. i also put lipstick and small change in there. one in rouge vif would be fabulous!
  6. Mini coin purse is great for going out in the evenings when you don't want to carry a bag. I usually use mine when I go clubbing or to a bar, as I can fit my mobile in it too. I bought my coin purse for £150 last year in Selfridges and one in the sale for £120 in Selfridges at xmas.

    BTW hatikuh love the ink coin purse!
  7. Thanx so much for the info ladies:heart: , especially Hatikuh for the pics!! Love the coin purse in ink:love:
    I'm convinced now and will definitely get one in rouge vif :yes: :girlsigh:
  8. Aww thanks HandbagAddict4Ever! I :heart: my ink coin purse :love: percephonie, you should definitely get one in rouge vif so I can live vicariously through you :yes: I would so get one in rouge vif if I don't already have the ink! mocean, the black bag is the shoulder/clutch. It's supposedly the same size as the makeup clutch, but comes with the cutest mini-mirror and with a wrist strap (which can also be a shoulder strap)
  9. Who carries these besides BalNY? I called NM and it seems they didn't order any. Thanks.
  10. oc, try aloharag. last i checked... they had tons of them.
  11. NM doesn't carry accessories, I think. Though they do carry the shoulder bags. Aloha Rag does carry the coin purses, and they actually have the pony hair ones on sale! I was so tempted... good luck, ocgirl!
  12. They look really cute and precious! I gotta get one for my mp3 player too!
  13. hati, every time I see your cute little coin purse :heart: , I kick myself for not buying one! :Push:
    I know it's a long shot, but would anyone know if any stores still carry the ink? :flowers:

    percephonie - a rouge vif would be gorgeous! :nuts:
  14. I bought mine for 80 pounds at HV London on sale and I was surprsied how big it is. I put my make up, band aid etc in it and it keep my first more organized so that can actually fit my breakfast in it when I go to work.
  15. tanja, you put your breakfast in your first? wow!:P