Mini coin purse question- as a keyholder?

  1. I've been using a Coach mini skinny for a while and am getting sick of it. I love the fact that I can store my grocery cards, cash, and my keys though.

    I was wondering if anyone used the mini coin purse to hold their keys as well? Would it be possible to hook a key holder somewhere on it? I would have the keys dangling outside, not inside.

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions!!

  2. Thats actually a good idea!! Even though I don't own one... just as of yet. I don't think theres a attachment piece from the inside to attach a key ring, but possibly link a key ring to the zipper loop on top? I just hope it wouldn't add too much stress on it. But, definitely a good idea :tup:
  3. thanks. i don't have one either (no duh!) so i was wondering about it before buying one.

    side note- do you get those TUT daily emails? i like your sig line- did you check mine? :p
  4. Hahahah... I do get those TUT e-mails~!... hahah sometimes just looking back on them gets you through the day. I have " If you can think, envision & believe it: IT'LL HAPPEN" posted on the top of my work computer.... hahaha Good to know there are others out there, that know what it is! ;) How'd you hear about it?
  5. Oogie- I sent you a PM :supacool:

    Can anyone else help? I wonder if it would be possible to attach the key ring to the zipper? I don't think there's anywhere else to attach the key ring...

  6. My only suggestion would also be to attach a key ring to the zipperhead. However, I would be worried about the keys scratching the leather.