Mini Coffer Spring 2008 is here!!!!

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  1. :yahoo:Hi!! Seems like the Prada/Miu Miu forum is quiet lately and hope this beauty will cheer you all up!! I score this beautiful Mini Coffer at Saks during our TPF get together in Saks in Beverly Hills this saturday. Her size is about 2/3 of the regular coffer. too bad I don't have a comparision pic. I fell in love with coffers since a year ago but it was way too big for my petit figure and the shoulder strap is way too long too. I used to dream about a smaller version coffer and there she is!!!! I almost fainted when I saw her.:wtf: There's 3 colors" black, smoky pink and cream white. I couldn't get over this high even hours after the purchase. This is the most expensive purse I have ever had but Thanks to my DH I got the best Valentine's day present yet. It's a ton of money to me but I am sure it's worth it. She is the perfect bag for all occasions and fits my petit body perfect!! :heart:LOVE:heart:~~~~~~
    IMG_0369.jpg IMG_0370.jpg IMG_0372.jpg
  2. if you dont mind me asking how much was it?
  3. wow, the leather looks good. sounds like a good size, too. i always thought the coffer's too big on celebs like witherspoon. congrats!
  4. OOooooooooohhhhh. Wonderful!! Please please modeling pics:drool:
  5. Congrats! i always thought the coffer was too big for me, can you take modeling pics so I can see how the mini looks? Thanks!
  6. Very nice! I'm happy for you; you got your wish!
  7. Happy Valentine's Day -- it's a great present !!
  8. Congratulations - it looks gorgeous!
  9. that color is great for spring, congrats!
  10. Having been present during the purchase, :graucho: I can attest that a) this bag is divinely gorgeous, and b) it looks like it was made for her. It's a match made in heaven.
  11. Congratulations! The colour is to die for:tup:
  12. Whoo Hooooo!!!! Im so happy for you! It was a pleasure meeting you Saturday, we all had such a great time! Im glad you were able to pick up something you have been wanting :tup: Hope to see you at the next meet!

  13. congrats on such a pretty bag!!

    what are the dimensions of the bag? do you mind telling how much it was?

  14. Gorgeous Bag! And that color looks like the perfect pink. You picked a good one. Congrats!
  15. Gorgy bag! Modeling pics would be great too! IIRC, the smaller version of the coffer was still quite substantial! Congrats again!