mini/clutch paddington

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  1. what can you fit in one? i'm used to small bags. is it bigger/smaller than a chanel cambon pochette?
  2. gymangel, I have just purchased one and it is being delivered tomorrow, so I can tell you more then if nobody else answers. I am assuming it will fit a small wallet and mobile phone! what more does a girl need ;)

    will keep you posted :smile:
  3. he he ;)
    Well, she sure is small!!! smaller even than I could have imagined :yes:

    I have a very slim phone, so that will fit, and literally my keys, and a lipgloss, and a tiny little wallet (maybe ;) )

    I have definetely owned bigger wallets in the past lol!!
  4. That small....??:wtf:
    What does she measure chloe-babe?:smile:
  5. Yep, really tiny!
    will measure it in the morning, and get a super zoom lens to take some piccies for ya lol ;)
  6. It's pretty small. I don't even think it would fit a small wallet. It fits like: a cell phone, ipod, keys, a little make up, and that's about it. It's much smaller than a Chanel cambon pochette.
  7. Don't forget to post pictures. I would really like to see them.

    (Sorry if you posted them in another post)
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