Mini Cloud Leather Clutch Reviews


Jul 30, 2019
Hi everyone,
Any reviews on the Mini Cloud Leather Clutch? How does it compare
to the BV mini pouch? Any advice would be appreciated!


Jan 6, 2019
I like the frame on the Cloud better than the BV pouch. If you look the bag on Neiman Marcus website you’ll see that a few customers left reviews.
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Jun 30, 2011
I recently got the mini cloud in gold but have yet to use it. The dimensions are definitely bigger than BV mini pouch (it only fit 11 Pro Max if you put it diagonally in the bag making it awkward to carry!) - I tried putting in my 11 Pro Max and it fit nicely with space to fit other things. Everything else feels as luxurious if not better. The frame gave it a bit of attitude to which I like. Did you end up buying it?
Jun 27, 2016
I love this bag! I got mine a week ago with a 30% discount. I ordered it just out of curiosity and though I would return it.BUT I kept it. It feels so luxurious, I just love to touch the leather :smile: It fits a good amount of stuff. I can wear it crossbody so it can be used as an everyday bag. If you like it go for it!



Sep 22, 2019
I love my BV Mini Pouch, but wouldn't get the full size Pouch. For me, it's too big and not worth the insane price. I went in to the BV boutique wanting the full size Pouch. But as soon as I held it, I knew it wouldn't work. The SA let me hold a Mini Pouch, and I fell in love, and bought it a few months later.

I much prefer my Mansur Gavriel Cloud Clutch in black/flamma to the BV Pouch. It's so fun to open the black bag and see the red inside. The 'dip' in the top that helps create the cloud shape fits my hand perfectly to hold the purse. I was surprised how much I like it as a bag to take to work sometimes.

But, for the Mini size I much prefer the BV Mini Pouch to the MG Mini Cloud. The Cloud just doesn't seem as good to me in the mini size. And the dip is too small for my hand to fit, like it does with the full size Cloud, so not easy to carry. So I immediately returned the Mini Cloud for a refund.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. :wlae: