Mini Classique?????

  1. Whats a mini classique???

    Ive seen some in the threads...are they still available? Or it was just for a certain season and year? It looks AWESOME!!!
  2. It's smaller than the first, aka classique, and it's been discontinued. There are a couple on eBay though so if you're interested, get them authenticated on the authenticate this thread and place a bid on eBay if you're interested and if the seller has good and numerous feedback. Hope this helps!
  3. Too bad theyve been discontinued. Thanks for the help Toriatan!!!
  4. they are so cute, i always wanted to get one..
  5. Indeeddd,so cute. The one on eBay, i dont really like the colour.
  6. i'm pretty sure realdeal has an o4 anis right now :yes:

    i see them come up on annsfabulousfinds and realdeal quite alot, actually.
  7. The Mini Classique was only produced during '04 and '05 with a retail of $775 this style is super cute:


    This is my favorite style for going out dancing b/c the bag doesn't bump into other people and carries enough stuff for evenings. It even looks good on a not so small girl like myself, size 10 here ;o)

  8. OMG it's the first time i've seen this bag on a person and it's CUTE!! now i want one!!
  9. sometimes i dont really need so much room for bags when i just need to go out and buy snacks or something, and this bag would totally be ideal.

    Ive never been to real deal, u mean, they sale their bags back issit?
  10. tote a leather bag to buy snacks? so glam, haha. pls visit to find out more about how it works. then you can do a search on this forum for more reviews or comments. tPFers usually used "RDC" to refer to the website :biggrin:
  11. there is 1 on ebay but...over retail, give it a try to offer
  12. I used to have one of these in black. Loved to look at it, loved to hold it...but never carried it and ended up selling. It was just too tiny for my stuff, even my "going out" stuff. Maybe I have too much stuff? *L*
  13. oh it is cute on! and I am the same size. hmmm.
  14. ^^^^^ I know - I'm the same size too (well, theoretically once I lose all the baby weight! LOL!) but it does make you think - such a darn cute style!