Mini Classique... will there be any at stores?

  1. Even though it's TINY, but somthing about it just keeps me wanting to get one...

    I know it's discontinuted (right?) will there still be some at stores???:confused1:
  2. Maybe you can find a store that has old stock, but I think your best bet might be EBay or the MarketPlaza. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.

    Check the Achtung Section -- There is a thread about a teal mini that is currently on EBay with a BIN of $450.
  3. There's also an Anis mini classique at $499 right now on Ebay...lovely color!
  4. CricketLiverpool had a marigold mini and an anis mini before they took their Balenciaga stock off their website (I noticed Browns also did the same thing around the same time – crack-down by Balenciaga methinks?). You can e-mail/call them to find out.
  5. thanks girls... i'm on a mission to find a mini!!
  6. i swear i saw a teal one in selfridges (london) last week but i might be wrong about the colour.. definitely a mini classique though!