Mini Classic Flap question...

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  1. Hi there, i have this bag in black perforated lambs skin. I'm afraid i don't have pics as i'm not very clever at computer stuff. But i can assure you this is a very lovely bag, extremely versatile. The bag can be worn in 4 different ways, 1 cross body messnger style, for hands free. 2 with the strap doubled up and worn on the shoulder. 3 strap doubled up and one pulled longer so worn on the shoulder but hangs lower down (does that make sense??) 4 single long strap, again worn on the shoulder and hangs evan further down. You can fit a lot of stuff in it too. It is a great bag. :love: Hope that helps.
  2. I had one in Navy lambskin with gold hw that I found in Scottsdale for $399.00! I did sell it as it was way too small for me but found I missed the lambskin so much that I have located a lambskin jumbo that hopefully will be to me by the end of next week.
    It was the most adorable bag, sorry I didn't keep a photo of it!
  3. I have one in patent orange. While i think its a great bag, I only like it when worn crossbody/messenger style.

  4. ooh its gorgeous. I adore the mini one :smile:
  5. thank you for your knowledge and photos.
    I decided to pass on the mini and go for a jumbo. hahaha. I know big difference, but after seeing the jumbo in the stores, I don't think I can resist.
  6. ahh well be sure to post piccies when you get one hee hee! I love that you started looking at the mini, and then plumped for the Jumbo :biggrin: thats just too funny!!!

    congrats, on a great choice :smile:
  7. chanel2.JPG
  8. ^Totally agree!
    Sometimes I have to carry a suitcase for work, so this mini flap is great also for work! Because I leave somewhere the suitcase (nothing of value inside, only papers) and keep the mini flap with me with money, keys and mobile inside! :yes:
  9. Hi Alice from italy, i have just checked out your thread on how much a mini flap can hold. Fabulous thread. I love the fact that it can hold exactly what i need :smile:
  10. You're welcome! :flowers: