Mini City vs LV Sienna. Thoughts?

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  1. If you had $1500 (USD) to spend on your next bag, would you go for the Bal Mini City with GH for a little less ($1395), or the LV Sienna PM? I do realize everyone's taste is different. I'm wondering more about bag quality of these models and longevity/wear and tear, as well as functionality. My intention is to use as an everyday bag, and I don't tend to carry too much nor too little: probably somewhere right in between. Please weigh-in if you know/own these bags. I'd love to hear both sides. ☺
  2. Mini City is pretty darn small capacity wise. I know people will say they can fit things in it, but you should try with your own daily things. I found it not a useful size. Have you thought about the Bal Town?
  3. I've seen the mini in-person but have yet to try my things in it. I own a Velo, so I wanted my next Bal to be on the other side of the size spectrum for contrast. And I can't deny, my price limit really is stretching it at $1500 so I can't go higher. Thanks so much for your insight @jellyv!
  4. If you want a small bag that's also a much nicer price, consider the Bal Classic Flat cross body. It costs less than the Mini and holds more. The only downside of it is that it doesn't hold its value as well as the Mini.
  5. For capacity imho sienna more than mini city. But mini city have a cute magnet, at least for me :smile:
    Depending what you bring as a daily.
    My mini's enough for phone,wallet(small),coin purse, sometimes with + hand sanitizer and pack a tissue. And a little things like lip balm, lipstick and handsfree. Once again it's quite enough for me. And very light.
  6. Great suggestion @jellyv! I would consider it....but I already have too many flat crossbodies. Thank you though. 👍
  7. Decisions, decisions ☺. I pretty much only carry the essentials. What color do you own? Regular or giant hardware?
  8. [​IMG]

    This mine is red lipstick with giant silver hardware
  9. Wow, she's so pretty!! 😍