Mini City Owners - Come Hither :)

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  1. Hey all!

    So the Mini City has caught my eye - it is an adorable bag.

    The majority of the images I have seen of them were brand new off the floor. They look a bit stiff new, which is understandable being there is not as much leather between the edges and hardware.

    My question is - has anyone been able to get their mini city's to break-in "Bal Style"?

    Do they get slouchy at all? Any squish to them?

    I'm a visual person so if you want to post photos - I'm extremely supportive of that. :smile:

    Thanks all!
  2. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread since I'm very interested in getting a Black RH Mini City. I would love to see what fits in the Mini City if anyone has a chance as well as modeling pictures!
  3. Hi! Here's what i can put in my mini city. It has very little space left and really allows me to bring the bare minimal. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392337415.115233.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392337430.610606.jpg
  4. Hey Arailah, here are the pix I promised! This is the Mauve Mini City with mini giant gold hardware. There's not much slouch to her due to its small structure. I've had her since February 2012, and I have used her at a moderate level (but I baby all my bags hehehe).

    In the 2nd picture, I'm showing her side. The leather is very buttery so she is squishy -- LOVE! :biggrin: So glad I didn't have to break her in for that squishiness. ^_^

    The 3rd picture shows the back of the bag. I have a Chloe wallet, 1 lip balm, and 1 hand lotion inside just to give it some oomph. With those 3 things inside, there's a SLIGHT slouch at the bottom, but it's barely noticeable so I wouldn't count it as true slouch.

    The 4th picture just shows the Mini City's bottom. :smile:

    Let me know if this helps! Ask me more questions if needed! :cool::cool:

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  5. thanks for the pics ladies.
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    This is my 2013 bleu mineral I purchased in late October. I've been using it Mondays to fridays for about 3 months now and applied leather honey on it about a month ago. IMO it doesn't slouch much. In the first pic, I just have it standing with nothing inside. The second pic I had squashed it down with my hands and it still doesn't squish that much after I take off my hand.

    Pinkelephant's leather looks much more soft and buttery than mine. I can't say I'm crazy about the leather on this one of mine; it definitely look and feels a bit papery

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    Here it is with flash. If you look closely, you can tell there's already wear on the corners at the bottom. I don't abuse my bags, but i don't baby them like crazy either. I did put satin top coat on the corners after i noticed the wear, but i don't think it help that much at the rate that i use the bag. It also doesn't help that i'm on the paris metro everyday during rush hour so people are always rubbing against the bags.

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  8. Thank you so much for the input guys!!

    Even though it doesn't slouch much I am still such a fan.

    I am almost positive I will be saving up for this style next. Visiting a Neiman Marcus tomorrow because I am in my home city for the week. So excited to try on a bunch of styles I am interested in.
  9. Yay I can't wait to see what you will come home with!! Remember to do mod pix galore for us! :biggrin:
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    my 2 week old :smile:rose bonbon mini city -- have not taken her out just yet but definitely love the style.

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  11. That is too adorable.

    Finally saw them in person the other day and I think they are so cute.

    Very small but for what I would use it for, very practical. My other Bals are larger - there are times when I just need something small to carry when out with my family.

    The SA actually tried to talk me out of the Mini City and instead suggested the town. He had some great points overall about usability and timeless style, but I kept gravitating to the mini city.

    I am going to have to wait to find one preloved I think. Or for a great sale. I found a ultraviolet mini city but I need to wait (unless I sell something I already have). Oh the wait. Boo.
  12. Hello dear! Here are measurement pix you requested :smile:

    Picture #1: Highest length measures to be 5.75".
    Picture #2: Width measures to be 9.50".
    Picture #3: Lowest length measures to be 5.50".
    Picture #4: From the zipper (starting at 3" mark) to the highest point in the bag (ending at the 4.25" mark), the difference is 1.25".

    Please let me know if these pictures make it clearer for you! I liked the Town and that was my supposed "must buy" bag after I got 2 Cities, 1 First, and 1 Envelope, but when the Mini City came along I knew the Town had to wait a bit longer. :graucho: The Mini City really is chic and cute for every day use; you will not regret her! :lol:

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