mini chyc with shoulder strap!

  1. Looooooove! That's kissable.
  2. ok thanks :smile:
  3. Beautiful color! Can anyone tell me if an ipad will fit in a mini?
  4. It fits, just barely, but it will fit as long as you don't have too much other stuff in the bag
  5. Thanks ;)
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    Has anyone seen both cognac chyc and PS1 bronze? Are the colors too similar?

  7. thanks diva :smile:
  8. Ever since my trip to Vegas, I've been thinking about this bag. Do you ladies know if the color Dove Beige is ongoing? That color seems to be sold out everywhere at the moment.
  9. They have the poppy-colored, mini, Cabas Chyc bag at Nordstrom, in The Valley. Nordstrom, Westfield Topanga Mall. I'm in Los Angeles.

    I saw the bag there weekend before last. The sales person mentioned to me, last month, that it would be coming in and it's there. Give them a call. I have the same bag, in poppy, but in the medium size and absolutely love it.
  10. There is a pink one on ssense and it looks so cute! But I'm 5'6" and worry it will look too small on me. What do you all think?
  11. I have the mini cabas chyc in poppy. I am 5'5" and this is how it looks on me. It is the end of the work day and am in a bit of a mess, so needed additional coverage.

  12. Looks pretty good, matches your toes :p
  13. Does your SA happen to have any left in dove beige? Went to YSL at the Beverly Center yesterday and the SA for some reason told me the mini never came out in dove beige. I told him I saw it at Nordstrom and he said I must've seen a similar but different color as it doesn't exist. Odd.
  14. Hi Girls!

    The Mini Chyc in Skye Blue is available at !!!
  15. I just got the grey on. It is so elegant and classic.
    I want to use it as a work bag too, but I feel grey sometimes can look too mature for this tiny bag?
    Should I keep grey or should I get the brown??