mini chyc with shoulder strap!

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  1. i saw this mini size and noticed it is too small... medium was right to me
  2. Here r some modelling pic. I'm 5'3 wearing 4' heels. Hope the pics give u some idea about the size: )



  3. thanks for the pic! lovely! :biggrin:
  4. Lovely pictures!
  5. I sooo want this. Which is better sheep skin or calf? Cant make up my mind. My store only has the black in sheep skin and my sa told me they are going to have calf skin by end of August. Should I wait or buy the sheep skin?
  6. Mine is sheep skin. I'm not quite know what's the difference between sheep and calf skin. Anyone can explain??
  7. All i know is mini chyc with calf skin is structured in shape while the sheep skin is soft and unstructured. As for durability, i dont know which one fares better with age. Anyone has both???
  8. i think the bag can b different cz Y bag is more structure and square then paraty. Paraty can be a little slouchy and casual after loved...

    Yet...i dont know what i gonna do yet...i guess i will go to the mall someday and have my paraty bag to do side by side comparision :P
  9. U are right, paraty is causal and stylish and Y is more classic and elegant. Yea, am gonna do the side by side comparison too!

  10. It is dove beige:smile:
  11. Love this bag. Just purchased one in Skye Blue
  12. :nuts: pics plzzz!

    think i just found my very 1st YSL bag :tender:.... poppy or burg pics anyone?
  13. #89 Jul 21, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
    Thanks lots for replying :smile:
  14. Ahh... I've falling in love with this bag. It will be my next bag and my first YSL bag.
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