mini chyc with shoulder strap!

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  1. I saw this mini beauty at NM today@$1950 i think. It is a beauty!
  2. Got mine are luisaviaroma. I'm soo in love with this beauty!

  3. OMG soooo pretty. It's so tempting. I used my bag quota on two proenza bags this yr already. I think this or mulberry Alexa will b my next yr purchase. It is soooo pretty. Congrat!
  4. I got it in the green and love it!
  5. Mulberry Alexa and Chloe paraty will be my next target. We share the similar taste :smile:

    I really like the color of this ysl bag, and the size is perfect for petite like me
  6. My sister got the following one, same? I can't stop smiling when holding this bag! I love it!!

  7. Wow! That is a pretty shade of green:smile:
  8. Ive been debating between the mini chyc and the medium muse 2. Can any mini chyc owners divulge on what they can fit in their bag? A4 file/ iPad? Ta :smile:
  9. Yes, that one! I call it my little Hulk-Y! But now I am a little concerned on whether it will be outdated once the YSL name changes. What do you think?
  10. The small is $1795, medium is $1990 and large is $2150 in the US

  11. I have a paraty medium in sheer pearl pink. The color is in the same family with ur y bag. I think the size is similar too. Right?
  12. love the style~
  13. I don't think so as their logo will be the same. I like Hulk-Y, how cute!
  14. IPad can definitely fit in mini chyc but don't think A4 file can....
  15. I gotta reconsider if I should get a similar bag now....
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