mini chyc with shoulder strap!

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  1. Soooooo cute! Love it on you!
  2. i know! the size is prefect! i wanted the chyc cabas tote long time ago but i didnt get cuz i thought its too big for me. i fell in love with the mini chyc cabas once i saw it online! AND it comes with the strap, which makes it perfect! i love it! :biggrin:
  3. thank you lili! i've decided to keep it^ yeah ur right, i still love it even the color didnt came out to be what i expected. :smile:
  4. thank you dear~! my 1st YSL and im happy that i got it! now i want a large ysl clutch :biggrin:
  5. If anyone here owns the mini in light seppia, can you please post mod pics? TIA!
  6. This color looks great on you!
  7. Mini Chyc in 'biscuit' available on reebonz for $1,400.
  8. Hey this is actually my first post on here soooo.. hi :smile:

    anyway, i'd bought my chyc about two weeks ago and it's getting floppy and kinda creased at the sides? is this normal?

    or am i just being paranoid haha
  9. Hi Ladies with the mini chyc! Can anyone let me know if the Y buckle has YSL engraving on the other side or it only applies to certain size? I'll greatly appreciate your response. TIA
  10. Just thought I'd share this, don't think I've seen any exotics in this thread.
    This is from the YSL Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive boutique. Went in a few weeks ago and asked about their exotic selection and they showed me a couple of bags, this one was my favorite.

    Attached Files:

  11. Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Wow, so sexy and gorgeous. I love the Rodeo Dr boutique. What's the name of this color ?
  13. The mini doesn't have a YSL engraving on the back of the buckle. It does have the YSL engraving on each side of the buckle-really small. I did a video on this bag under my same screen name if you want to check it out. It addresses this question and a few others. It's called YSL Mini Cabas Chyc what's in my bag & questions & answers(something like that).
  14. Thanks! I'll check out the video. I ended up returning the Mini for a medium aside from no paper stuffs cause the new mini in blue is lovely for me. I'll wait for that.
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