mini chyc with shoulder strap!

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  1. my SA at Nordstrom's just told me they will be getting a limited number of mini chyc cabas from fall 2012 runway! These come with shoulder straps! I'm not sure of the size, has anyone heard about this?
  2. I haven't but I"m interested to learn more! I'm going to vegas in two weeks and I plan on stopping by the YSL store in crystals mall I'll ask about it and let you know if I get any deets on it.
  3. I just came back from Nordstrom's they had their pre sell book out and it had the pics of the YSL Chyc cabas with the shoulder straps. They are pre selling it for $1795. She said the shipments are arriving July to October 2012.

    have fun shopping in Vegas! Jealous!!
  4. Hello, the mini is the size of the muse two. Its a big hit already.
  5. I just heard about this, was told that the size would be a couple inches smaller than the medium cabas chyc. Do you know if it is a limited/seasonal item or permanent?
  6. Ooo did you take any spy pics of the pics? I like the chyc but the medium is still WAY too big for me so I'm excited to hear about the smaller size, I also like having a shoulder strap for when I need it. Do you recall what colors it will be coming in?
  7. each store has their signature colors as well. For instance, Nordstrom's had their one tricolor chyc combination (blue, tan and brown) vs Neiman's who have the black, tan and brown combo. So you should check out what colors Norddtrom's will launch it in. The pics looked like they had it in grey....
  8. I agree about the sizing!! I played around with the medium in the store and it was still a relatively large bag in my opinion!! This would be great for days when I don't carry as much (weekends, shopping) and it would transition into evening better as well, IMO. The link posted says it's 12X8X6.
  9. Thanks for posting the link. I wouldn't mind black but I'm kind of bummed that the black had silver hardware and the green has gold. I really would like black with gold hardware or even a dark grey with gold.
  10. Just got mine in Milan. Unexpected find, fresh in the shops for barely a day. Black with gold hardware.. Very cute size, I am 5'3", and the proportions totally work for me. In fact the proportions of the bag and the logo is the perfect combination that my hubby gladly paid for it! :biggrin:
  11. post pics please! Yours might very well be the first one we'll see until the US gets it in July:smile:
  12. This bag is so cute and perfect! I am going to Paris in July. How much was the bag in Euros for you in Milan? I hope to get this!
  13. Kinda sloppy shot... Bad lighting, and lousy camera skills... Here is the pic!

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