Mini Carly @ Macy's?

  1. Ok so I was at Macy's today and went by the Coach section, as always. I noticed they had these Mini Carly's in the clearance section at 25% off the regular price. I'm almost sure the regular price was $218. I have never seen this Carly before. And they had some in Chocolate ! ! !

    I can't find this purse on the Macy's or Coach site. Can anyone help?
  2. Macy's put a lot of designer stuff at 25% off. Plus with F&F discount it's an extra 20% off that. I think the Carly pouch is $178 retail? It's a good deal!
  3. its demi size. ive seen it around. its tiny!
  4. That is why I was asking. I found the Pouch on but it isn't the same one. I've been going crazy trying to find it online but no luck. This bag isn't as tall as the Pouch.
  5. oooo I think you are talking about a carly that looks kinda like a demi?!?


    that one? (I found that pic on eBay)
  6. Yeah, the one you saw at Macy's is the Carly demi. It originally retailed for $218. It's no longer available on the Coach or Macy's website. There are a lot of them on eBay though.
  7. nevermind, already answered.
  8. YES! That is the one! I just found it on that weird Coach web address:

    I called Coach and the price is $218 which is weird because the Pouch is bigger and costs less. But I still love it. I'll have to go back to Macy's and see if my regular purse stuff fit inside it. I hope the purse isn't too small.

  9. Well I called Coach and it can still be ordered through them. But why do that if Macy's has it for 25% off plus the 20% sale...:nuts:
  10. Honestly I think the Pouch is so much cuter and it is newer plus if u have f&f and find it at macys youll get a good deal.

    Btw Ive been meaning to ask u if you go to FIU. Cuz I do. I thought u did cuz its says your from miami and the other day u said u went to a new coach outlet. (the one at dolphin mall I go there its ok but the one at sawgrass is better IMO)
  11. OMG! Yes I go to FIU too. How funny! This world is really small.

    I did go to the Coach Outlet at Dolphin Mall. It isn't bad but the Sawgrass one is MUCH better. Although, the one at Dolphin Mall had this adorable little red bag that would match with a dress I have to wear in 2 weeks. But I shouldn't get it... Especially since I wouldn't use it often at all.
  12. Yup def small world. Im an elem. ed major so Im always only in that building (Im a senior)

    But anyways since there are two outlets here now I find myself going to both of them.... Im so
  13. I just transfered back to FIU so I'm a Junior in Criminal Justice.

    The outlet might not be great overall but it's worth visiting every so often. You never know when you might find something awesome hidden behind ugly stuff.

    The Coach Outlet in The Keys is good too. Well, I've only been there once while on vacation and they had a lot of good things.
  14. I want one!!! I need that. Too bad i sold my carly that would mach it...
  15. If I did my math correctly, the bag would end up being around $119 after the 25% Clearance and the 20% Friends and Family Macy's sale.

    Ohhh I WANT IT!

    Hmm... But the Pouch is bigger!

    Oh why is life full of such hard decisions... I need a Magic 8 Ball to answer everything for me.