Mini Cabat Inventory in Hawaii

  1. Ladies, the last of the last seasonal minis..........

    For reference from Bryan, as of 7/16:

    Nappa $3500
    Nero 25
    Ebano 47
    Noce 4
    Cobalt 4
    Orchid 10
    Ink 1

    Vitellino Lisse $4800
    Paille 5

    Spazzolato $4900
    Anemone 9
    Fever 9

    Goatskin $3600
    Palmetto (dark multi color) 16

    Nappa $3500
    Veneziano (light multi color) 13
  2. someone get that ink!
  3. Noce is still available? I thought BV stopped making that color?
  4. I'm weeping and shaking my money tree fruitlessly.

    Alas, its as dead as the orchid plant that my mother made me promise to water every Monday before she left three weeks ago on vacation. ;)
  5. maybe if you got her an orchid mini cabat she would feel better?:p
  6. That is a terrific idea! I guess I was always holding out for something shocking in red or pink, but orchid is pretty close, no? ;)
  7. yes, yes indeed! baby boogie would love it too... goes with her outfits :nuts:
  8. Hm . . . maybe I go see if I'm hiding a money pinata in my closet somewhere that I can whack a few times and see what falls out . . . :nuts:
  9. :faint: I die!
  10. i can imagine the ink to be so lovely on the mini :love:
  11. The Veneziano is the prettiest pastel I've ever seen. This was in the Wailea BV store last time we were in Hawaii. DH was with me and even he said it was a *nice bag*--in man-speak that means TDF! The Tyson's store has one in medium.

    The Paille and Ink...........if I could find some extra money, that's what I would buy.
  12. my sister is dying for a mini so i have been searching for her....
  13. anyone know the measurements of the mini cabat?