Mini-break for Tink! Hello from Carmel! Where are vacationing this year?

  1. Well it's not a full vacation, but so far very relaxing....especially without the kids!

    The kids are with my folks, out of state, for 10 days!! So hubby and I decided to take a mini break and headed to Carmel/Monterey/Pebble Beach!

    Hubby is really excited, he is going to play Spyglass Hill (a great golf course) on Monday. He played Pebble Beach last year. So now he will have played 2 out of 3, he can barely contain himsef. (here's the info, for the fellow golf nuts out there ) Green fees are not exactly cheap, 475 for Pebble Beach and 315 for Spyglass :wtf:
    but oh, only live once, right? :shrugs:

    We were up pretty late last night, so he is still sleeping...that's why I got a moment to sneak on here ;) for atleast a few minutes.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone, since I have been scarce, and will be pretty quiet until next week.....:beach:

    Where are you vacationing this year?
  2. carmel is one of my favorite places, and my husband would be jealous to hear of your hubby's golf plans

    i am hoping that someday my parents will take my kids for an extended vacation, but it hasn't happened yet

    i haven't been to carmel in a few years, because for us it is an "adult" vacation. don't want the little ones getting in the way of the golf, shopping, dining, driniking, and whatever

    have a blast, i know the weather is great
  3. I love my kids, but it is good for everyone to get a break and some time away. My in laws usually take them for about a week, and my folks for about a week. My parents are always asking for 2 weeks (since they are out of state and don't get to see them much through they year), this year we settled on 10 days. If you ca swing it, it is wonderful.

    Carmel is def. for adult fun :graucho:!
  4. How fun! Enjoy it! I'll be going on a Carnival Cruise to Cabo August 20 through the 25 and I just can not wait!! :yahoo:

    And in September i'll be heading out to Sin City! :nuts:
  5. Have fun TT! Carmel is fabulous so enjoy your mini-break away from the kids.
  6. Glad to hear youre having a good time, Tink !! No vac. for me this year .... :sad: b/c I've been on mat. lv for the last 5 months !!!!!!
  7. Ooooo, I love Carmel.....

    Its really a nice place to bring your pets too....We are planning a trip there with my dog but it never falls

    Sounds like a wonerful thing...a mini-trip w/o the kids...we can only

    Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!
  8. No holiday for me this year :crybaby::crybaby:

    I just to have 2-3 holiday's a year but haven't had one for the last 2 + this year (long story so I won't bore you all with it)

    I'm tired now mentally & physically I need a break but it's just not going to happen.

    Tink have my holiday for me so now you need have twice as much fun!!
  9. Sounds like fun Tink!! You and DH enjoy yourselves. While he's out golfing, you definitely need to go shopping!!:graucho::yahoo:
  10. I'm jealous, tink. Is there anyone who doesn't like the Monterey Peninsula? I need to go back to Carmel. Dh and son played Del Monte and Links at Spanish Bay some years ago and we drove to Pebble but they couldn't get tee times (they tried a long time ahead).

    A change of scenery is good for the soul. enjoy!
  11. I might go to Hong Kong & China.. but not til October.. til then, I'm hoping to sneak a quick getaway to Vegas!
  12. Awesome, enjoy yourself!
  13. I'll be going to Mallorca, Spain late august/early september with Martin :yes: Can't wait!
  14. Oh that's great, Tink!! Glad you're having fun!!

    I will be heading down to our beach house (WA coast) in August for a few days...other than that I am full time job hunting so I'm unemployed and it's not really a vacation if you KWIM, lol.

  15. Glad you're having fun..
    I'm not going anywhere this summer, I'm stuck at home!!! :sad: