Mini-Bowling Owners, talk to me...

  1. It looks like such a cute style! I couldn't find anyone wearing one in the photo threads..does anyone have anything they can share on this style? Photos and comments welcome!
  2. i'll talk to you about mini-bowlers stylefly's my most favorite b-bag style, along with the hobo/day...i've got 2 (griege & black) & i think the leather quality is the best of all the '06 bags...the style is so comfortable to wear on your shoulders & it holds alot :smile:...and because of how well it's proportioned, it's super light even when filled to the brim...i'd highly recommend this style to anyone :heart:
    DSCF3342 REV.jpg
  3. Do you have a pic on your shoulder? I was wondering about this style and the handles also. Do you think they're as long as the purse style's? If there will be no Briefs in the arena hardware,then I may consider this since they're the closest style. I really want a bag with no straps and I do agree, it seems like the leather on these have been consistently nice.
  4. i was about to post the exact same question.
    hehehehehhe....the style looks very nice... aaa can you model it for us....?
  5. i saw this bag a few weeks ago irl. it looks like it could be a great everyday bag. the handles fit nicely on the shoulder. it's very cute!
  6. Photoshoot! Photoshoot! Pleeease model it for your eager audience, 'Bama:flowers: !
  7. Bumping this to beg for modelling pictures
  8. gosh, sorry i'm feeling too under-the-weather to take any mini-bowler modeling shots tonight stylefly (sniffle, sniffle) :sad:
  9. Aww...hopefully you don't have the same beat-you-down cold that I just started shaking...give yourself a dose of chicken soup and maybe a new bag and you'll feel all better;)
  10. I tried one on at NM and fell in love with it. It was very hard to walk away. I've got to hold off on buying bags for a bit.:crybaby:
  11. Gorgeous mini! Am considering the larger size...any ladies have one? I've tried it's really comfortable and fits under the arms. Yes, most amazing leather too. But was wary on how much it could hold, since its a tall-ish bag..unlike the City.Does the bottom sag if you fill it to the brim?