Mini bowling - is this sticking around???

  1. Are there any spring colors that are available anywhere in the mini bowling? IIRC BalNY did not buy this bag for spring, but do any of the other retail chains have any? And will this bag be back for fall?

    I appreciate the help.

  2. I know Gretta Luxe and Susan's ordered the mini bowling bags in spring colors. I'm not sure what they have left.
  3. I hope the MiniB is sticking around...I really want one now! (hopefully in Violet).
  4. Same here! I'm getting a Violet Mini-Bowling for certain if it's made in that color.
  5. I know! How cute would that be!
  6. Someone at Gretta Luxe told me that spring will be the last season for the mini-bowling, but I'd be interested in getting confirmation elsewhere.
  7. Too cute!! Even my bf agrees!! He thinks it would be such a wonderful combo - IF they DO make it - he loves the mental image of a Violet Mini B so much he wants to get it for me when it comes out! :yahoo:
  8. May I please borrow your boyfriend? I'll return him sometime late fall...
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  10. for the larger bowling as well? I love the large:crybaby:
  11. uh oh! i was starting to like me the mini bowling shape. that was going to be my next buy after my first First. :crybaby:
  12. I just called Susan's and here is what they have in the mini bowling:
    marine, vermillion, french blue, seafoam, vert gazon and brown.

    :crybaby: is marine too close to black??? I already have a black mini bowler....
  13. ^^ welp, of course i'd say "no" since i've got a black mini & a cafe mini (lol!!!) :p
  14. gazon mini bowling... yummy yummy!!!! a PFer has to get this!!!!

  15. Thanks for the info. Susan's has quite a good selection compared to other stores.

    Marine is kind of close to black but I think would be gorgeous.

    Blueberry also would be nice, but I don't know if there available in stores anymore. I was considering one myself and neither Bal NY or Aloha Rag has it. Maybe a NM somewhere?