Mini Bowlers (Cambon line)

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  1. Anyone owns this baby could tell me the size of the mini? I've seen and tried on the medium bowler but have no clue as to the size of the mini.

    Pics, descriptions or comparison to other bags would be nice. :yes: Thank you gals :yes:
  2. The mini is pretty little. I think it's dimensions are 8x4.5x3.5 It can only be used as a handheld bag unless you have toothpicks for arms. Anyways, I think it's pretty adorable! Here's a picture of me with mine:
    Picture 199.jpg
  3. Thanks again Doublec31 :smile: :smile: looks so cute on you :smile:
  4. yes, its kinda small but really cute. i have one too. maybe i'll post a picture up for u if i dont get lazy. :smile: