Mini bowler


I'm so fickle...
Mar 31, 2006
The more I see this style the more I like it. I've never seen IRL - will it fit over a winter coat? Also, are the new spring colors coming in this? like the French blue or marine??? :confused1:

Hey you..did you return your green city?? I just called BalNY to see what color 07 firsts they got in and they told me that they had some new boxes in the back to go through so maybe some mini bowlers in there!!
ooh, that is exciting! Maybe some marine with regular hardware????

Yes, I sent the green back yesterday. It's weird, I called to let Daphne know on Monday, but they had me leave a voice mail and I haven't heard from her at all???? Does she normally not call back?
You know what is so weird, everytime I tell her I have left a VM she says she doesn't get it..I s/w T---y whom I don't like and I have a feeling she transferred me to some random box to leave a message. She is out today but will be back tomorrow!! Woo hoo..I am all over the board as to what I I want a first and a day. What do I do??