Mini Bow in Argilla or Emamite or Pomice?

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  1. dear mm lovers,

    i have a regular bow in pallisandro and am now thinking to get the mini bow in Argilla at first!

    after doing some research i felt that argilla has some brown tones and am afraid it would look like my pallisandro!?

    is emamite or pomice a better color? i thought pomice is nice but it would really need extra maintenance and care which i dont think i can provide!
  2. I have a palissandro bow and an argilla mini bow! :smile:

    Trust me, argilla looks absolutely nothing like palissandro so don't worry about it. When people compare argilla to fumo, they say it draws more brown but on its own, it looks nothing like brown. It's just the perfect ash color in my opinion.

    I was debating between ematite and argilla and decided on the argilla. It's a much more versatile color for my warddrobe than the ematite but ematite on its own is a beautiful color too.

    Hope that helps. :biggrin: I can take comparison photos of the palissandro/argilla in the same lighting.
  3. hey sugarmelodie! could you take some photo for me to see? is your pic the true tone of argilla!?

    thanks so much honey!
  4. sorry babe! does argilla looks like nube too? i got a nube vitello lux shopper (small) thus dun want a similiar repeat color in the family.

    big headache now! friend is flying to paris on saturday thus must make up my mind fast! heehee
  5. Hi!

    I vote for the argilla, it´s a very nice color and easy to match with other stuff like clothes, shoes, gloves or whatever. But if you´re not enough into gray to wear to different grayish bags (argilla and nube, even if they´re different kind of gray) maybe you should pick the ematite instead.

    I like exactly the same MM colors; palissandro, argilla and ematite (except from the pink ones!:graucho:) and ematite is such a nice and wearable color! But not as easy to fit with other colors as argilla or palissandro...

    BTW; nube is a more "cold" tone of gray than argilla, which is warmer, with more brown in it. But nothing like palissandro, argilla is still gray.

    Good luck!

  6. Argilla is gray with a tiny bit of brown/blush tone.
  7. what about emamite?
  8. ^ When I was in the store, ematite looked like a very nice gray with a rich blue undertone. It was definitely cooler tone than argilla.

    Here are the comparison photos.
    I'm sorry I don't know how closely argilla compares to nube since it wasn't in the store when I went to get mine. However, someone here compared it to alluminio so I guess the comparison between the two would be like fumo to alluminio / argilla to nube? :x

    With flash

    Without flash
  9. thanks dear! u have been very helpful!!!! does argilla looks more like the first or second pic!? i hope paris still have the mini bow in argilla
  10. To my eye, I think the first photo looks more true to color...... Depending on the lighting, it'll always look slightly different! Good luck and I hope you get your argilla! :heart:
  11. yes friend is leaving tonight and i cant wait for her to reach back singapore!

    thanks sugarmelodie! if i managed to get the mini argilla, we would have 2 of the same bags!!!
  12. friend just called! she managed to get fumo instead of argilla!!!
  13. argilla! it's divineeee
  14. im carrying my mini bow to work today! whoohoooo
  15. congrats fashioneyecandy! share your bow with us!