Mini Bleecker signature duffle?

  1. Has anyone seen these in the boutiques, or are they only at department stores? I'm not really sure of the name "mini". It is smaller then the regular duffle. I saw them at Macys, they retail for $178, and it is just too cute! They have denim/white, khaki/black, and khaki/brown (I think). I WANT ONE!
  2. I wonder if it was a Bleecker Swingpack? I know they made a leather one...Why not a signature while their at it...The leather one on their website is only $148 I would think the signature one would be cheaper...:confused1:
  3. I have seen them at Macy's and Dillards, Department store exclusive... I'm sure it's the Bleecker duffle pouch! They are really cute!
  4. I saw one at Macy's... perfect size for me, but I passed.
    It's the Bleecker Top Handle Pouch.
  5. i saw them at a boutique...they had black/black and some kind of brown combo. they are cute but didn't seem practical.