mini birkins


Nov 28, 2005
i've never really liked hermes bags but they're starting to grow on me....especially the 25 and 28 cm birkins........they seem like the perfect size for me (i hate big bags) so i was wondering if u ladies could help me out with pictures of ladies and their little birkins or prices........i know these bags are crazy expensive i'm just wondering exactly how much i'll have to save up to afford one of these........i'm thinking i might like a hot pink or purple one.........

i'm really liking this one (picture stolen from the asian women and their birkin's thread.....sorry :worried: )

The little Birkins are quite nice. I would at least buy a 28 cm...not a 25 cm because I find that to be too tiny. If you are a smaller female a 28 cm would be quite nice. The shape of the bag allows for you to fill it a bit more, so it looks small...but in a sense it really isn't. I also think a littler Birkin is unique these days, so your bag would be very different as well from everyone else. You know what? I kind of like the idea of a small Birkin for a twist on a daily bag...sort of ladylike and yet a casual look made of the finest materials.
They are cute! A Birkin 28 is going to be a Haut Au Courroies style (taller, shorter handles.) I prefer the 25 and then the 30.
As for prices, my fairly educated but certainly not perfect guess is that they start in the high fives, low sixes for basic leather. :smile:
that bag is adorable. it looks like the size of bag i like to carry. hmm...i'm with you. the large birkins don't really appeal to me but i could see myself carrying a hot pink mini birkin! (eep, i don't know what size that is...)
I love the hot pink mini birkin. I prefer size 28cm. Agree with Kellybag.....size 25cm is a little bit too small for me. I think the lady is carrying a size 28cm. Perfect size just for me to fill my lipstick, mirror and credit cards. I think mini birkins are very hot nowadays. Can be worn from day to night and it's not too heavy.
i'm around 5'1ish and i thought i would just use it as an everyday bag (just seems really sturdy and classic.....something i woudln't have to worry about going out of style)........i'm still a little scared by the price tho.......i have about half saved up but i guess being a student i'm kinda scared to be spending that kinda money on a bag

if anyone has one i'd love to hear about it :love: and i'm glad to know u ladies like the smaller ones i've never seen one IRL.....i always see the larger ones which would totally overwhelm me and my height