Mini Belt - what fits/durability

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  1. Hi, I'm a Celine newbie but thinking about picking up a belt soon. since they only come in mini now, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about what fits. will an 11 inch laptop fit? is the bag sturdy enough to hold a laptop/is it sturdy enough for everyday use?

  2. I still see, they are selling the small belt at the boutique here in Bangkok. The bag is sturdy enough for a daily wear, you can put in laptop. But the base is not as thick as the luggage style, so it will defo sag. You will have to insert some base shaper.
  3. I use a Small Belt in Natural Calfskin for work. It fits my 13" macbook and does not sag. I would recommend this size and this leather for you!
  4. I think the small belt doesn't come with a shoulder strap--that would be a no go for me :/
  5. the mini is a great size i use it for work but i hand carry my laptop i dont want the bag to lose shape.
  6. How structured vs slouchy is this bag? Do you guys think it transitions well from casual to more formal settings?

    Anyone have photos of yourselves wearing it?

    I've been eyeing the mini belt but my hesitation is that it looks super structured on the website and may look weird with a casual outfit, or be too big for my proportions. (I'm 5'1'')
  7. Here's a pic of me wearing mine![​IMG]
  8. Looks great on you! Do you use it as an everyday bag? It's probably going to be a bit large for non work use for me, but I do spend most of my time there anyway:biggrin:
  9. I am 158cm tall, the bag size looks perfect for me. If you have such concern, you better try it on. Btw calfskin is definitely good for everyday use, think twice if you wish to choose light colour and lambskin.