mini belt bag help!

  1. i havent been to anyplace with gucci lately so im wondering about the mini belt bag...

    there are 2 sizes. how much is the smaller one and the bigger one?

    and if anyone knew the price in CDN$ that would be great!
  2. hmm i believe i paid just under $600 for the larger size (this is with 6% tax)

    i think the smaller is about $100-$75 cheaper? You can always call Holt to find out. I found the smaller one a little too small, the larger one there is not much room for storage either.
  3. I just returned the big one at Holts and it was $560 + tax
  4. I'm thinking of getting the belt bag as well. Does anyone find the flap with the velcro annoying when you open it?
  5. I adore mine. I use it constantly! I have the larger one and it is perfect. I would only get the smaller bag if you are petite or really like mini bags. I really have not had any problems with the velcro flap - it's all very convenient.