Mini Bayswater buckle. Info if you can!

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  1. Just a quickie please girls. I've decided that my new H.G. is just going to have to be the Mini Bayswater Buckle. Can anyone fill me in with what leathers and colours it came in. Ultimately I know I will have a big job on my hands trying to locate anything but knowing what is out there would be a huge help. Thanks so much.
  2. They had some mini Bayswater buckle at cheshure oaks a couple of weeks ago - they were that woven ones - not sure of the price but they were the navy ones and also the cream ones and woven with other colours - apologies if that didn't make sense but if you call them am sure they can explain better!!

    Hope that helps
  3. Thanks Mo and thanks Mammee, for all of your help. I think I've got a tough one on my hands here as I think these MBB's are pretty rare, I certainly haven't seen many on the usual websites. Still, it'll be worth the wait if this bag of my dreams turns up. Fingers crossed!
  4. The mini buckle came in-
    croc nappa in mole grey
    shrunken calf in black
    metallic goat in metallic mushroom
    woven leather and flat calf in jungle green and cream
    woven leather and flat calf in midnight blue and woven

    It might have come in a two tone colour as well- I remember seeing one at sample sale but that might have been a sample.
    The small buckle came in a lot more finishes.

    Good luck in your search :tup:
  5. Bless you LFAB, that's a great help, I think it's the grey that I have seen which has had me chomping at the bit for one so I will keep my eyes peeled from now on in.
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