Mini Bags - What to get?

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  1. Inspired by Atlantic-Pacific and her beautiful Celine bag,

    I have decided I am in the market for a mini bag, either in a nice deep red or a light blush pink color. I have narrowed it down to three bags that are contenders:

    Coach Mini Tanner
    Michael Kors Mini Selma
    Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mab Tote

    does anyone have any thoughts on any of these bags? I'm willing to scour ebay for the right bag - so availability is not an issue. My main issue is that I love the mini mab, but when I went to see the bag in person, the color wasn't right to me. It was too bright and light when I really want a deep red. Should I wait for something else to come along (Blush colored Mini mab maybe?!) or start looking into these other options.

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  2. i like the Selma
  3. I like the Coach or the Selma. My only counsel on this topic...if you wear dark jeans and if the bag will hang low enough to rub against them, choose a dark color that won't pick up denim transfer easily.
  4. I prefer the Mini Mab, but I second the advice to go with red over blush, unless you're going to use leather protector on the bag or never wear it with jeans. :sad:
  5. I love my mini tanner.
  6. Do they close at the top? I'd prefer a zipper.
  7. I'm a big fan of Selmas but I think the mini Selma is too small to be very functional. I would choose the tanner or go up a size to the medium Selma crossbody, which is also small but big enough to carry a wallet and phone in.