Mini bag BL0841

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to get some feedback regarding this bag as a crossbody evening bag. Does anyone have it and could give me some advice whether to get it or not.

    I went into the prada store yesterday and stumbled upon this very small, but rather cute mini bag. It is not big, but it does fit everything that you would need for a night out on the town. Eg. Phone, small wallet, keys, make up, and other bits and pieces. Yes, it is a bag designed for adults, :graucho: but it's is very small, and cute :P

    That's why, I'm asking should I get it and use it as an evening bag. I love crossbody bags, and it would have been rather handy the night prior, because it was valentines day, and I went on a dinner cruise.

    If you think it is too small, what crossbody bag, or other bag would you recommend as an evening bag.

    Thanks. :smile:
  2. Any help or feedback anyone?
  3. I don't have it, but I think it's adorable! The cross body option is a huge plus in my book. I have a little handle vintage evening bag from the 1960s that I use and it works well. No cross body option, but it works perfectly.
  4. I also went into prada to look at this bag in red as I have the BL 0851 which is also a mini bag. I thought this was even smaller than BL 0851 so I decided against it. However it is a very cute bag!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I was really drawn into the red colour as well when I saw it in real life.

    Sthom12, I saw the other mini bag that you have as we'll, and it's super cute. But I already have that design in the bigger size in a tamaris colour, so just want another shape. That's why I thought this shape might be cute.

    I might go in and have a look again, but might have to rethink. It is quite small, and for the price you pay it is quite dear. Unless there is anymore feedback from someone who actually owns one.