Mini Backpack Recommendations ?

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  1. So I'm looking for a mini backpack.

    I'd love an Hermes Kelly backpack but they are Impossible to find and fairly expensive.

    The Hermes herbag backpack is a bit big for my taste.

    I was dead set on the LV Palm Springs mini backpack but I really, really don't like LV after that nonsense with supreme and the awful Koons collection.

    Fendi makes a new mini backpack called back to school or something but it has a chain strap which I don't love and I just bought a DOTCOM so I'm trying to maybe get other designers.

    Givenchy makes a little black backpack but I want to see a few collections from their new creative director/designer before I commit to the brand.

    Saint Laurent makes a mini city backpack which I'm obsessed with, but my best friend has it and it will be weird if we match.

    I have an MCM already and I keep seeing fakes (I live in NYC) so I'm kind of trying to move away from the brand.

    Am I missing any premium designer mini backpacks? Am I just being too picky?

    Thanks all! I've been looking and looking and I'm hoping someone here can recommend something amazing?
  2. I am not a backpack person but I will post here some backpacks I think are pretty cute...I don't own any of them so I cannot say about functionality or craftsmanship
    chanel gabrielle backpack(from the chanel stock thread)
    another one on chanel website

    moynat edmond


    valextra Zaino Iside Backpack (probably not on the mini side)

    The other popular ones but not quite my favorites are:
    Tods wave
    chloe faye
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  3. Do you like the Givenchy bag? I don't understand what the forthcoming collections have to do with anything? Or why you'd dismiss all of LV because they put out a collection you don't like? You don't have to buy the whole collection, just the bag you like.
  4. To me, LV has was on its way to becoming amazing again. They buckled down on the fakes and finally started releasing some cool designs that nodded to their heritage but were fresh and exciting. The monogram wasn't a sign of a tacky "my first designer bag" anymore.

    Then, they sold out and created a few collections that I really didn't like. I don't like where the brand is or what they stand for so I won't support them. I don't want to be associated with someone who wears a LV Supreme piece. To each his own, but it's not for me and I'm letting them know that by not giving them my money.

    The same can be said with Givenchy-- I don't know if it's a world I want to buy into yet. I hope it's good, I love what Chloe has been for the last little bit and I'm excited to see how Claire Wright Keller interprets Givenchy. But until I've seen it, I don't want to take the plunge.

    Bags are still (unfortunately) a splurge purchase for me so I try not to rush into it.

    I'm probably overthinking it, but now when I look at LV, all I see is someone in overpriced sweatpants thinking they are fashion.
  5. I love this one maybe? I'll have to go to Moynat and check it out. I've been really interested in the brand lately because it seems to be a bit under the radar.