Mini Azure Pochette Arrived pics...

  1. Okay, remember this was after a very difficult long hard day, don't look so great...ugh.... but, the Shirley arrived too! no pics of that, was just too tired. Adore the mini,,, am using it today and will be all weekend, love the azure:yahoo: :yes: :yahoo:
    Nice shot.jpg Flash mini.jpg Good mini.jpg blurry mini.jpg
  2. It's so cute, congrats!!! looks great on you..
    so adorable..
  3. That is adorable...can't wait to see the other one too!! :smile:
  4. ahhh the mini is SO cute!!! Have fun carrying it this weekend!
  5. very cute, congrats!
  6. Well whether it's good/flash/blurry mini--I love them all! HA! Congrats!:yahoo:
    I'm getting the Damier Ebony mini for my anniversary next week! Can't wait!
    I'd like the Azur one for spring! Love these little bags--so sweet!:love:
  7. Thank you Mickloisme! They have a Damier Ebony too??? Is the mini a new launch? I don't ever remember it before??? Congrats on your anniversary, YAY for LV presents!!!!
  8. Simply adorable...:love:'re so tiny!!!:yes:

    Congrats! Looks beautiful on you...:love: :yes:
  9. ^^^Veronika--it is new. So cute! :P
    Anniversary is next sunday and I'll post pics then!
    I think someone else has it and already posted pics, but I forget who???? :confused1:
  10. awww.. so cute:smile: congrats!
  11. I LOVE This little thing! I'm thinking about driving into the see if there are any left at LV. May I ask what the price is??
  12. Congrats!!!
    It looks really gorgeous on you!
  13. Sure = never enough price is = $215.00...

  14. Aw pinki thanks! I needed to hear that, I'm really worn out... thanks for the compliment! I needed both Azure and Shirley to get me through the rough work, home buying and moving times... will make it... will make it...
  15. love it! congrats