Mini alexa !

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  1. hi ladies been looking at the mini Alexa does anyone have one ,if so how small are they ? im looking for a smallish crossbody bag ,was looking first at antony ,then the Chloe satchel ,now just seen the mini alexa on mulberry website and they look lovely :smile:
  2. Thanks just wondering to buy next week or hope there in the sale at Xmas 😊
  3. I think that, generally, seasonal colours are reduced in the sale and core colours e.g. oak, black, chocolate, are not.
  4. Thank you both , they only seem to have core colours on the mulberry site where can I get the other colours , and after months of saving and wanting every bag I see ! I've decided on the mini alexa , so the question is do I wait and see what I can get in the sales , or are they in the outlets
  5. If you look on the outlet thread, I think that they had the mini in Pumpkin earlier in the week it may be worth giving them a call. I like the mini also, but I do not use it as an everyday bag & I do use my Ant more especially with all this rain. :biggrin:
  6. Just a thought, may be worth visiting a John Lewis store or calling the store I remember seeing this colour in JL Southampton last week but can't remember the size ...
    normally if they have one in another store they can get it sent between stores.

    As I say, just a thought...
  7. Definitely keep ringing the outlets for a mini I bought my latest in chocolate finish in August from Shepton. I have four of these they are my all time favourite small bag I find if I am buying or needing to carry more i just have a longchamp tote in use as well they are very comfy and never really ever get to being too heavy as its hard to overload one.
    Good luck and they do pop up on eBay regularly but get it checked first on auth this mulberry thread
  8. i think im not going to rush into buying one,as much as i love the core colours,dare i say there a bit boring ! thats why i was looking at the marcie satchel because of the lovely colours ,going to keep ringing round the outlets,im going to bicester next week anyway so see what they have ,and might just wait for the sales might be able to afford two then !
  9. Good idea- patience always pays off- they have had the green and conker at the outlets recently so you never know what might turn up for you- good luck:biggrin:
  10. On my way to look at a bag at Glamour dress agency Putney , they have a green mulberry bag in the lady said its like a bay water but smaller with a strap but its handles are rope type ! So it could be anything il keep you informed
  11. Ooh, that sounds interesting! Good luck! :smile:
  12. Very disappointing clearly a fake the stuffing was coming out of the handle , and it had made in Taiwan on the inside tag ! Il keep on looking till I find my bag