Mini Alexa

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  1. :smile: Hi All

    I am thinking about getting a Mini Alexa just to pop my purse etc in when shopping around town.

    Does anyone have one and what are your thoughts, are they really tiny?

    Thanks all :smile:
  2. They are tiny, but perfect for holding your phone, keys, wallet and a few bits and bobs! I'm sure there are pics which show what they hold... :smile:
  3. Lovely bag but i felt looked too small on me so sold mine but was deceptively spacious. Perfect for just your purse and a few bits ad bobs.:smile:

  4. Thanks for the reply. :smile:
    I am just worried about them being too tiny. If anyone has some pics with their purse etc in that would be great.

    I keep checking the dimensions to another smallish bag i have
  5. Did it look really small. I only want it for shopping around town when i need the essentials etc. If anyone has some pictures of their Mini Alexa filled would be great
  6. I have one, just for weekends, shopping etc.
    It is lovely. I am usually a big bag girl, but wanted a small bag for just running errands etc.
    Fits easily keys, pouch, wallet, tissues, cc holder.
  7. I felt it did on me it was like a childs bag. I havent any pics im sure someone will step in and maybe have some to help you.
    There must be a thread somewhere.
    It may be perfect for you though.
    You really need to get into a Mulberry to see it irl to make sure as everybody is different.
  8. I was looking at them in Mulberry a while back. But then opted for a bigger bag know i seem to be drawn back to the smaller ones again.

    Thats what i was worried about looking like something a child should wear. I am only 5ft 5 and a size 8 so hoping it wouldnt :smile:
  9. Im also 5ft 5 but a size 12/14. Being a size 8 you may get away with it.
    If you are after a smaller bag then this could be the one.
    I personally prefer the regualr Alexa they suit me much better and fit so much more in..:smile:
  10. I have given in to temptation and just purchased a pre-loved one in Oak. Cant wait until it arrives :woohoo:
  11. Oh brilliant im sure you will love her and cant wait for the reveal.:biggrin:
  12. I adore Mini Alexa, she is wee though (she's around the size of a standard DVD case!). Use mine regularly just with keys, purse, phone and mini umbrella and that suits me fine - my mum couldn't fit her everyday essentials into one though, so guess it's all a case of how much you need to carry day-to-day.
  13. Hello ladies! I've just come back from holiday and I took my beautiful SS mini Alexa with me and she was perfect!! :love:

    Here she is, closed with all my things inside:


    A peek at how everything fits inside:


    And this is everything that was inside:


    Prada Saffiano purse
    Pressed face powder
    Mulberry keyring pouch, which held keys, sweeteners and inhaler
    Blackberry in Mulberry Black Silky Snake Cover (which I've just realised is not in my signature, aarrghh, how could I??)
    Pack of tissues

    I think that's pretty impressive what you can fit inside and it was all in there comfortably, without it being too snug. I was able to take my purse out and put it back in without having to rearrange the contents each time.

  14. What a lovely little Alexa! Very impressive to fit so much inside! :smile:
  15. Just to give a comparison, this is Lily filled with the same things, except my camera which won't fit in but can be looped to the chain, which I've often done with my Lilys, if I needed a camera.....

    16.jpg 15.jpg

    The fit is a little too snug for my liking and I would need to rearrange things a little if I took my purse out and back in again. Also, a bulge here and there shows when the bag is closed. I wouldn't want to stuff all this in my Lilys at all!