Mini agenda refills!

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  1. Hey guys!

    So anyone find a suitable refill for the Mini agenda? Maybe you do, but I can't justify paying $50+ for what is essentially paper... Any help appreciated!
  2. Filofax refills fit perfectly ;)
  3. $50 for Louis V paper! Hahaha :smile:
  4. Princess Pink!

    Really? Have you tried? What style/name/size should I be looking for?

    (And I am talking Mini, not small ring)

  5. I didn't read the "mini" part correctly, sorry! I have the small ring agenda and the Filofax pocket refills fit it perfectly.

    The Filofax refills come in Mini size as well (small than pocket) so perhaps this size does fit the LV Mini agendas? Worth a try anyway as the Filofax refills are very cheap. $50 for a LV one is crazy!
  6. I agree.
  7. #7 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    I know! If it was in the vicinity or about $25, I might buy them, but $50!!!! That's WAY too much... And no, the Filofax mini refills are made for a ring binder, the Mini agenda uses a "slip in", wirebound refill... Need to find one!
  8. I have the same dilemma.
  9. Forsyte, So have you been using Vuitton's very expensive paper? I'm sure, cut from the most expensive trees, and then printed on with the most expensive ink and hole-punched with the most expensive hole-puncher! (I'm pretty sure even those wouldn't sell for $50...)