Mini Agenda in Pomme de Amour?


Should I get the Pomme de Amour Mini Agenda?

  1. Yes Get Pomme de Amour Mini Agenda

  2. No, Don't get the Mini Agenda - Save your $ for something else.

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  1. I went to Louis Vuitton again today. There is one last Pomme de Amour Mini Agenda in the store on hold.

    I want this small agenda for the purpose of my MC Rift Purse that I have. It would fit perfectly in my MC Rift. And I can have it in any other Purse. Its so cute and small, but has 2 Card Holders.

    I just got 2 Bandeaus, got my MC Heart Purse this month. I don't know if I should pass on this cute mini Agenda.

    The color is so beautiful, and so dark, and so pretty. I can't stop thinking about it now lol.

    I checked out the Framboise Ludlow, but love the Pomme color more. Yet I'm a pink person. I love the deep richness color of the mini agenda. On top of the Mini Agenda, its made in France. Not that it matters, but its a plus for me.

    Should I get it? Its on hold for me. I'm here in Vancouver until Saturday Morning. :love:

    They also had the mini Agenda in Red. But not Perle. I don't know what to do. Maybe what I got yesterday is enough. :shrugs: I know I want this mini agenda. Because it's like has so many uses. And its going to be so pretty using when I use my MC Rift. I currently do not have a wallet for this Purse. :shame:
  2. I say no b/c the mini agenda is so tiny that it's hard to write!! Get the small agenda! It's perfect!
  3. This is what I do if I am unsure about something I see. I leave without buying it & if I forget about or talk myself out of it then I just save my money! BUT if I can't stop thinking about it then I think it is meant to be! Hope this helps!
  4. If you are planning to use the mini agenda as a wallet, i'd say wait and get the pomme ludlow instead.
  5. Thanks, I didn't get it today, because I had to think about it. I never ever knew what Vernis was like until yesterday and today. I'm in this city for work. But after my work, I went to LV boutique. I don't like that I love Vernis now lol. Its so pretty IRL. And I might not get it. There was no Pomme de Amour Ludlow. Just the Fambroise (Pink). I bet the Pomme Heart is so pretty. I'm still very happy with my MC Heart. But I know now how pretty Pomme is IRL.
  6. ITA
  7. I actually want to buy the agenda refill for the Mini Agenda. And use the Agenda with two Cards, and carry that in the MC Rift. I could then also use the Mini Agenda in my other purses. I mainly use my MC Rift when I want Hands free shopping, and don't want to carry a lot of things. And I would of got a Pomme Ludlow if it was there. I am in love with the color. lol. I know it came out quite awhile ago, but I never got to see Vernis until today. Its really soft yet so shiny and pretty. And beautiful.

    Maybe I'll wait for the new Armante Color. I love Purple. Its a favorite Color.
  8. If you want, ask them to order it for you:graucho:!I'm tempted to get one too, to use it in my Azur pochette!!!

    If you want to use it as an agenda the only inserts that will go with it are LVs and they are $66.00.
  10. The price of the refills were 45.00 and 71.00 for the quarterly Calendar Agenda. I would go for the 45.00 one, as its less. But in the bigger refill, you get a whole day a page. Whereas the one I would buy, is small writing, but still you can write in it. And it comes with a phone book. I know I have a cell phone contact list, but still the phonebook would be handy to write Louis Vuitton store phone numbers in lol. And other important numbers I would need.
  11. It's cute, and I had one for about a week but... the Small Agenda is so much more useful, for just a few pennies more. Anyway save up for your big bag!! The MC Noe is so beautiful :love:
  12. It is very cute.
  13. I was actually going to buy this yesterday, but they had it in the framboise, and I instead got the pomme ludow which I love to pieces. I too am a small bag person, and at work I have schedules printed out for me during the day, so I have a blue epi mini agenda on its way to me, so I can write down assignments and just what time I have to come in. If I love it enough, I'll get the pomme or wait till the amarante which I'll probably end up doing. The refills are pretty generous, I got the 45$ one, becuase I had no need for a day to day, I like seeing the week at once.
  14. I have the pomme ludlow and love it to death. I also got the pomme mini agenda last week as I want a small agenda to put in my reade pm. I got the small refilled coz mostly, my daily agenda is in my pdaphone so the mini agenda is for noting or writing something in hard copy.
    It's very cute and I couldn't resist it hehe.
    I'd say if you can't stop thinking about it then get it but if you plan to buy a bag so I'd say safe the money for the bag!!! good luck!!!
  15. I was going to get the mini one not knowing exactly how MINI it was until I saw it ! So I got the small one....:smile: