Mini Agenda, I know it's small, but do you like it??

  1. Afternoon!

    I'm looking to buy a mini agenda (damier, if they do it) for my sister in law.

    I have been searching, but can't quite work out if it would come with any inserts or if it just comes empty when you buy it? If it does come with inserts, would anyone know which ones it comes with? (as I know there are different types)

    Many thanks!!

  2. I have a mini in pomme and I adore her. It does come with inserts, and the 2008 ones are out already so you can get her next years. I love that she's so tiny and can fit into any purse without taking up a ton of room. Good luck!
  3. I think it's so cute! I might buy one if I need to give a gift one day. :idea:
  4. I have one in Epi and I love it. I use it as a photo album. I took 2 clear wallet inserts and put one in each slot. It holds 36 photos.
  5. Thanks, guys! I'm glad it won't be empty when I get it! I might just *have to* get one for myself!!!! *heheh*

  6. That is a great idea!

  7. What a GREAT idea to use as a photo album.....I always wondered why LV didn't make photo books for 4X6 photos, only passport sized photos.....
  8. I think they are so cute! And like Dusty Paws said, they are so small your sister in law can take it with her everywhere. I like the large agendas, but if I had one I just wouldnt have room in my purse everyday.

    Love the photo idea LV&Lexus07!
  9. Thanks again, everyone.

    One other question... I hadn't even thought about the date of the inserts. As I want to get this as a Christmas pressie, if I asked, would they put the 2008 insert in, or would I be expected to pay for them? (I'd be happy not taking the 2007 ones)

    Would anyone know?

    Once again, many thanks!