Mini Affair- did you remove the leather from chain?

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  1. I just got a mini affair in pale grey with GM hardware. Since it's a new bag, the leather running through the chain strap is not dyed all the way through, the underside is tan.

    I haven't worn it yet, but I want to wear it around the house first and see if the chains will lay flat and only show the grey side. If not, I'm considering removing the leather from the chain. I worry if I don't like the look, will it be a PITA to weave it back through....anyone do this and regret it and were you stuck with it?
  2. Wow I've never thought of this option. I think I'd regret if i took out the leather straps in the chain though! It's what makes it look so 'Chanel'!

    Also it looks like it's a pain to weave it back if you don't like the look! :/
  3. Exactly! I'll most likely leave it as is...
  4. I removed the leather from one of my affairs but never tried putting back since my decision was pretty final
  5. Ya, that would be my thought too.
  6. no, why?