Mini Accessories Pochette

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Was wondering what do you guys put it in? What do you use it for? Wallet or Purse?

  2. you can put in makeup, use it as a change and reciept bag, a little wristley r clutch

    (BTW- next time you might want to use the seach tool at the top of the page......... ;))
  3. It is so cute, You can use it for anything.
  4. I put my stuff in it that I carry all the time. My powder, headache med, chapstick, money, hair ties..... I use the small one when I carry smaller bags!
  5. I used mine for my camera.
  6. I put lipgloss, a pen, lipstick, a compact mirror, and sometimes money.
  7. its very useful. i put my 2 bunches of keys, small mirror, lipstick, dollar notes, receipts..
  8. I just got a mini to use as a pocket in my speedy...
  9. I use mine to hold makeup, contact lens solution, etc inside my bag.
  10. Here's mine used as a wristlet... though normally I hook it in the inside of my speedy 25s to hold lip glosses, ponytail holders and such.

  11. I use my Mini pochette inside bigger purses. I keep my powder, lip balm, and other random little things in it. I also use it as a wristlet when I go out. It is big enough to hold all my essentials (ID, credit card, phone, lip gloss).
  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I've only had mine for like a week but it's great. I use it as a wristlet as well. I put it in my bigger bag and just grab it when I want to run to the cafeteria or do quick errands. LOVE IT! I put my id, cc, phone, ipod and lip gloss inside.
  13. I use it for everything from wallet camera holder cellphone holder hmm the posibilities are endless...
  14. I was using my mini pochette to hold extra cc, coupons, and business cards. currently use a Wapity as a wallet and put lip balm and cell phone (Razr) in it and then I don't have to carry my big purse when I go to lunch from work. But, I just bought an iPhone (love it!) and it won't fit in the Wapity, so I'll probably use the mini pochette to hold my iPhone, money, ccs, lip balm, etc. when I go to lunch now.