mini accesories pouch

  1. is it worn over the shoulder or as a wristlet? Does anyone have a picture of themselves with it on their hand on arm? just curious! I love the chain of the mini, but I do love the size of the pochette. Decisions decisions:p
  2. I too am wondering the same thing!
  3. I do put my T&B mini over my shoulder when I need my hands free and I'm not a small girl (5'7" med build). I love the chain, too :smile:. Basically I put it where I need to - wrist, arm, shoulder. The chain is quite short though and the bag can be half concealed by your arm when it's on the shoulder.
  4. The mini is so cute with the chain. I wouldn't buy it to wear on the shoulder really wouldn't see it or it wouldn't be as comfortable as a regular pochette.
  5. either. it looks weird a little over the shoulder. its okay though...if you really needed to i suppose. its about the size of a coach wristlet.
  6. okay took some pics for you...
  7. ohh sorry they came out so small. let me know if you want them bigger.
  8. btw i am 5'6" 125 lbs.