Mini 2.55 vs WOC

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2.55 or WOC

  1. WOC

    6 vote(s)
  2. 2.55

    28 vote(s)
  1. Hey, I fell in love with both the denim mini 2.55 and the grey WOC and am very undecided. What do you think?

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  2. i am thinking the WOC looks a bit small? to feminine? i have a WOC and it doesnt fit anything! the 2.55 looks a lot edgier... imo :smile: good luck!
  3. 2.55 for the simple reason that the chain straps won’t ever rub the sides of the flap leading to premature wear.

    It’s also a bigger bag so you can actually but stuff in it vs the WOC which is essentially just a wallet with a strap and some very minimal storage space.

    I would suggest taking a look at the “trendy woc” if you would like a woc since it holds more and has a functional turn lock vs a snap button.
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  4. I think the WOC is a better length for you crossbody. But it depends on what you want to carry- the 2.55 will fit at least twice as much.
  5. Yeah, it's tough. The WOC looks a bit more natural regarding the length but I tried it in store and it holds my keys, my phone and that's it. The 2.55 could fit more... and it looks very casual which I like. However the WOC looks more classic and is probably the better investment. I really do not want to buy both, it's not worth it. (It kind of is, but not really... ;D)

    Thanks for your answers! I'll sleep over it... More opinions are very welcome :smile:
  6. I do think that the 2.55 is more flattering on you, and it also falls at a better length on your torso. Given that you are a man and want to be perceived as "masculine". It looks cool and edgy. I am giving this advice assuming that "girly" or "feminine" is not the look you strive for, if it is then disregard what I said in the first part of this post and go with the WOC. You look cuter with that one. :smile:
  7. I say 2.55 looks better on you, and I think it's an overall better choice. The WOC is very plain and it doesn't fit much. The mini is nice looking and functional
  8. I like the woc on you and the strap length falls at a good level.
  9. How about trying the 2.55 in size small and see how it compares with the reissue mini. It may not come in the denim print but the aged leather on 225 may appeal. Believe SuperDacob has one and also featured it on his mini reissue video . I had the reissue mini which is beautiful but the proportions didn’t look as well as mini rect on me mainly chain length worn crossbody. But of the two you modelled, 2.55 over WOC.
  10. I think the 2.55 looks way better on you and it fits more. Usually I would not be a fan of printed bags, ut this one looks surprisingly well.
  11. I gave it some thought and despite (almost) all the votes going to the 2.55, I‘m going to pick up the WOC. I actually prefer simple styles and love the grey, it pops without being too edgy.

    thank you for your opinions! It was actually helpful
  12. I know you ended up with the reissue woc which looks great but I am curious what you thought of the denim mini? How is it in person. I have only seen pictures and am intrigued by it...
  13. It was quite the journey ;)

    The bag had a nice feeling and was very light. The print is very busy and a bit punky , definitely casual. It appeared to be a bit slouchier than a leather bag.

    I liked it for the casual vibe it had and I liked the print. I decided against it because I wasn’t sure whether I’ll keep liking it in the future because of how ‚edgy‘ it looked. It was a tough choice, however, it’s a very unique bag.