Ming Lee & Aoki

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. [​IMG]

    Porschla Coleman hosted festivities this weekend in Miami. And celebs hit up their Art For Life event at The Bath Club:
  3. WOW, they are growing!

    Seems like Daddy doesn't like sushi. :roflmfao:
  4. As annoyingly over the top as Kimora Lee Simmons is, it seems like she and Russell Simmons have a good relationship (as ex's) and dote on their daughters.
  5. the girls are so cute! you can tell the little one is such a big time DIVA.. lolz
  6. him : Woah, that wasabi is smoking hot!
  7. they are cute. but a bit bratty!
  8. Ming Li is very pretty girl. Aoki looks more like her father=not pretty.
  9. They're cute. They're certainly growing up to be little divas...at least that's how it seems on Kimora's show!
  10. cute!

  11. Why would you say that about a child?:shrugs:
  12. wow the one on the left looks just like kimora! I liked kimora until i watched her show! OMG what a nasty person
  13. Both of the girls are very pretty. I love the way that Kimora dresses them as *little girls* very age appropriate and cute. I hate seeing children in smaller versions of club clothing.
  14. Cute girls.
  15. very cute kids.