Ming Birkin??

  1. Has anyone seen or heard of the Ming Birkin? I think Ming is the color but not sure.
  2. Do you mean "mink" birkin?
  3. could ming be like a jade green? or maybe a blue like the color on Chinese porcelain?
  4. Ooooooooo- a Birkin in a white porcelain color with dark blue designs on it? I'm sure that's not it, but it sounds gorgeous!
  5. This is the latest Canvas / Leather combo Birkin and Ming is one of the color choices. I received mine already but don't have any photos on hand. I can take some pictures and post it here in the next few days :smile:
  6. HermesAddiction, is this the new Toile Potamos (sp.)?
  7. HermesAddiction, I can't wait to see the pics of your new Ming Birkin!
  8. Hi, is the Ming color, like a royal blue shade?
  9. Never heard before. HermesAddiction, can't wait to see the pics as to how it looks like.
  10. I'd love to see it, as well!
  11. It has been raining non stop here for a couple of days already so I haven't taken any pictures of my Ming birkin yet.... Sorry for the delay, ladies :cry:
  12. Yes, it is :biggrin: Have you seen it?
  13. HermesAddiction, yes I've seen this new combo. Very interesting!
  14. Love your new Avatar, Lucy!
    And anxious to see pics of the Ming Birkin, HermesAddiction!
  15. Yay! The sun finally came out today and I was able to take some pictures :biggrin:

    Here are the photos of my Ming Birkin :smile:



    My apologies for the delay again!!