Minette, were you overcharged on the Gauffre?

  1. I saw your post that you mentioned that you might have been overcharged $2450 something. I think I paid the same amount a few months ago. Just want to know whether you were overcharged.
  2. Downtown, no no! I wasn't overcharged -- just thought I was! When I first saw the Gauffre e/w satchel, in one Prada store, I tried the small size and I didn't know there were two sizes. I was just looking that day. ($2,360.)

    Then I went to another Prada store and actually bought the satchel -- but didn't realize I'd bought the larger size! ($2,450.)

    The larger is about 2 inches wider and a tad higher. I ended up keeping the larger... fell in love, price difference was small enough, bag is a bit roomier, happy ending! :smile:
  3. Those 2 little inches were a big deal on my 5' 1 1/2 inch frame, believe it or not. The smaller bag suited me better and it holds a ton of stuff. I think I could still get away with it at night though, like if I were going straight from day/shopping to dinner and theater. What do you all think? Or does such a sized bag not exist?http://forum.purseblog.com/images/smilies/confused1.gif :confused1:
  4. Aimee, that's what sold me on the bag -- (the smaller one when I tried it) I thought the same thing -- great from day into night, moreso if you reomve the strap for night. I ended up keeping the larger anyway because the night use I was concerned about is really occasional dinner meetings, straight my office in a suit and this size works well, too, but I do think the smaller would be nicer at night.

    I say go for it! And post pics! :smile:
  5. Minette, thanks for your input. It's hard to find a bag that can serve more than one purpose but they are definitely necessary. I don't carry that much with me, but these days my sunglass case is so darn big, it's
    bigger than some of my bags! :P
  6. Thank you, Minette. I am glad to hear the happy ending. I was told my gauffree is the last piece in America since I bought it this Feb. with the silver hardware. hehe...I goes with suit very well.