Mineral; Satchel or Hobo???

  1. I LOVE the new mineral chelsa leathers! I need help deciding though. I have a couple of coach bags that are the two handle type(ie satchel) and it seems one of the handles is always falling off my shoulder. Does anyone have the satchel in mineral, and is this a problem? I love the shape of the hobo to!!! Any thoughts?:shrugs:
  2. I would say go for the hobo since you have some satchels already. I think they are cute and I LOVE that mineral color!
  3. Hobo
  4. I'm loving the hobo!
  5. I say hobo! The mineral looks great in both but the hobo is really comfy on the shoulder and slouches really nicely!
  6. HOBO, it's different..
  7. Do any of you saying "hobo" have the Chelsea Hobo or have you seen it? To me it's too narrow...
  8. HOBO! I LOVE mine, its amazing!

    But ask to see several. I had my SA bring out 4 or 5 and every single one was a different shade of mineral. I chose the darkest with almost no distressing.
  9. ^^^^ I agree with the distressing. I could tell with the wristlets that was the case. With a bigger item, I'd definitely want to get one with the shade you like.
  10. Hobo. Since you have a lot of satchel. Although if you prefer the satchel and would be happier with it then I would get the satchel. Whatever makes you happy :smile: and :drool:.
  11. It really depends on which look you prefer. I tried the satchel on and the straps didn't have a problem with coming off easily. I personally prefer the look of the satchel. To me, the hobo just looks too square and I prefer the contrast of the brown straps down the side of the bag. Also, i have more hobos than satchels so that's what i would need more.

    Have you tried them on? Will you be able to before buying one? They are both beautiful bags.
  12. Go for the Hobo, it slouches better and is easier on the wallet. Good luck deciding.
  13. Well I'm looking to buy the hobo so that gets my vote. But both bags are beautiful.
  14. They are both very nice bags, but personally, I'd go with the hobo for all the reasons states above.
  15. Hi everyone, and Thankyou for all of your input! As I have posted before, I don't have a coach store in my state(closest one is 6hrs away!)so, I don't have the option of trying on several bags! I actually like the "look" of the satchel just a bit more, but the strap issue is what is holding me up. I would love to hear from anyone who owns this bag and see if it has been a problem! Thanks