Mineral makeup, what kind of brushes?

  1. Hello,
    Sorry if this has been asked before. I just ordered the sample kit from Everyday Mineral. This will be the first time I'll be using mineral makeup. Can I just use any makeup brushes? Or are there specific ones I need?
  2. back when I didn't know that my dry skin doesnt really cooperate with power-type foundations, I did use bare escentuals, and the kabuki brush worked great even though it worsened my dry patches because I didn't know any better, and at the time I didn't have a great moisturizer
    so anything that is shaped like the kabuki brush would be a good start in my opinion
  3. there's this particular brand of brushes that sell super well at CVS (i forot the name) and theyre incredible! Cheap and soft. Great value. Check those out, I bought one for $15 (Face Brush) and on the label it says "great for minerals".

    I think its called Essence of Beauty? They have GREAT reviews on Makeupalley.
  4. Thanx for the answers, Snoopylaughs and missD!!! I will check out the brushes at CVS.
    One more question: Kabuki, is that the shape of the brush or a particular type of hair used in brushes?
  5. I use the Sephora Professional brush set. It works very well with mineral makeup.
  6. i believe its the shape of the brush
  7. I bought the kabuki brush from Everyday Minerals, but it wasn't that soft. I wound up buying one at Sephora. It works much better. Here's a pic of the one I purchased.

  8. Thanx for all the answers!
  9. I use the Bare Minerals concealer and kabuki brushes. I got both of them free with BE kits, but I use them with all my mineral makeup. I love them!
  10. I use bare escentuals brushes too. I've had the same set of brushes since 1999 and they are still going strong.
  11. MAC #182 Buffer Brush, sooo soft and gives your skin the polished look
  12. the brushes are made of animal hair. i tried this stuff and used their brushes and started to break out really bad and asked if i could return. they told me that it could be due to their brushes which were made of animal hair. i switched brushes and all is okay now.