Mineral makeup - Can you recommend your favorite?

  1. I'm considering buying some mineral makeup as I have skin that is prone to redness and irritation and have heard mineral makeup is really skin-friendly.

    Can you recommend your fave brand of mineral makeup?

    Also, any suggestions on choosing the right shade?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Pur Mineral. Their products are only availably online I think.
  3. jane iredale is the best- She has the best shades. i have tried bare minerals and they are OK, but not as good as jane iredale. i have used her minerals for 8 years and it calmed my adult acne and is also a physical sunblock of 18-20 and is waterproof- it doesn't come off unless you move it. They usually will give you sample pots, they have a pressed and a loose. i prefer the loose, but it can be messy for some people. Go on her website and type in your area and some salons or doctors in your area should pop up.
  4. i love Love LOVE pur minerals!! you can buy their make up online or also at ULTA! :] they've got great starter kits under $40! what a steal! so in case in doesnt work for you, you didnt lose an arm and a leg trying it! i've recently converted to mineral make up and omg i looooove it! ive got really bad acne and when i take off make up brands like MAC my skin under shows to be really red and irritated. try pur! its great!!
  5. I love Jane Iredale as well though I prefer the pressed, it's just a matter of choice. You girls in the States are lucky coz it's so much cheaper there.I bought some when I was on holiday in Florida, it was half the price of the UK.
  6. I just bought a huge Everyday Minerals kit. I ordered a free sample kit and only had to pay shipping...I was so impressed the day I got it that I ordered a kit that night. The real test for me was whether or not the concealer would last all day without any touch-ups. I applied it around 2:00 and 11:30 that night it was still on. I've never had anything stay on that long, it seems to fade really quickly. I paid 48.00 for a kit and got a TON, as well as 10% off, two free eye shadows, and a free gift for writing in and thanking them!!
  7. whats everyday minerals?? where did u get it from online?
  8. www.everydayminerals.com

    They have a ton of really nice products and colors to choose from. Their customer service is great and the lady who owns the corporation is really in touch with her audience, she posts a blog on the site and answers questions, etc.
  9. If you're going to order the samples kit, go to the custom kits section.

    I love their Premium Kabuki brush, soft and gentle, it's half of that BE's Kabuki that irritate my face!
  10. ^^^Yup, BE's kabuki irritates my face too. I'm just using it until my kit comes tomorrow and I can use the EM kabuki instead. Man I hate that damn brush. What a piece of crap.
  11. the prices look amazing! so affordable! i have a question though, do you apply is like regular mineral make up? it seems to have all the steps like my old make up. i use pur minerals right now, and i just use the fondation, the blush, the glow and BAM im done. how does putting on this make up differ? and does it take long? is it "goof proof"?

    and on the site these are the ingrediants:

    "Everyday Minerals contains only 4 inert ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, and Zinc Oxide. This is 100% all natural mineral makeup - Free from oils, preservatives, fragrance, talc, and all other binders that cause skin irritation."

    what is "inert" mean?? and how come this company says they dont have spf bc they cant claim it through fda but other companys can?
  12. oh yah, and do i have to order online?? do you know of any stores that actually carry the product so i can test it and what not? plus, save on the s&h! :] thanks!
  13. You do the concealer, foundation, blush, then finishing powder. Just like any other mineral make up I've tried but this stays on longer and looks better. If you've used mineral make up before--which you have--then you shouldn't have any problem putting it on.

    I'm pretty sure you have to order online. It's better to anyway. The owner of the company often has really good specials. If you order by tomorrow, you get 10% off the order plus two free eyeshadows (if the order is over 29.00). So really, you get a great bargain. She'll be announcing another special on the 19th so I may just have to order again!
  14. everyday minerals FTW!!!