Mineral Make up

  1. I've never tried that brand. I really like the Everday Minerals brand. They have a nice trial kit, where all you pay is shipping. I feel that it gives me a decent finish without looking caked on. I've also tried Bare Essentials, but it made my skin itch from one of the ingredients.
  2. I got Sheer cover, really like it but I think I am going to switch to BE since I can just go to the store to buy it and not wait for it to be shipped.
    Just keep in mind when using mineral foundation to moisturize really well before applying or else it will look all caked and clumpy!
  3. I am a HUGE fan of mineral makeup. I won't ever wear anything else. My favorite is EveryDay Minerals.
  4. i really like everyday minerals as well. they have great color selection, amazing blushes, and free sample kits. i've tried a few different mineral make-ups but these seem to feel the nicest on my skin (when i do choose to wear mineral make-up). definitely give them a try! :tup:
  5. can you get any of these in stores? so I can try it on there?
  6. ^ You can only buy Everyday Minerals online. You can buy BE at stores like Sephora and Ulta though.
  7. I love mineral foundation. I've been wearing it for about 5 years now. I've tried everything from Bare Escentuals and Sheer Cover, to drugstore brands and small mineral makeup companies.

    My favorite, by FAR is Everyday Minerals. They have many different colors and finishes to their mineral foundations, plus lots of great mineral eye shadows and blushes and the prices are the best and they have great kits and specials. I highly recommend them!!

  8. I love mineral makeup. It's perfect for me since I have oily acne prone skin. It doesn't feel like a mask. I started out with Bare Minerals but I recently discovered Everyday Minerals. It's so much better than Bare Minerals for me! I like that they have different formulations for different skin types. Also, they have a better selection of colors to choose from. The Bare Minerals always made my skin look shiny.
  9. I've heard bad things about Sheer Cover products and absolute horror stories about dealing with the company directly. The only mineral foundation I've tried is BE which I liked but it contains bismuth which breaks some people out. I've also had to stop using it this winter since it seems to dry out my skin. I've heard good things about Everyday Minerals, though it's only available online (but you can order a free sample kit).
  10. I use Bare Minerals, which you can get online or as some beauty store like Ulta. It's amazing, I will never go back to regular makeup. It makes my skin look perfect, and I don't just mean in a makeup-y way, it literally clears my skin. If I go off it for even a day, there is a noticeable difference in my skin's condition. I would recommend you at least give it a try! Some stores have a satisfaction guarantee, so keep an eye out for that.
  11. There are several threads here on mineral makeup, I'm sure you'll find them interesting.

    I love mineral makeup too, use a combo of Bare Escentuals and everyday minerals.

    Check out both sites.
  12. I"ve used BE for a couple of years now and really like it. I haven't tried Everyday Minerals, but have heard good things.
  13. I love mineral makeup too! I've been using BareEscentuals since 2000 and I love it. Except the foundation minerals sort of make my face itchy. So recently I've switched just my foundation to Everyday Minerals. I like it much better, it doesn't make my skin itch.

    EDIT: BareEscentuals can be a little expensive, depending on your income. It's like $20 for foundation, $20 for bronzer, $20 for mineral veil...but each little jar of mineral makeup lasts forever! I have this little jar of bronzer/warmth, and I swear I've had it for over 2 years and still have so much left. It's really worth the money, if you're contemplating that factor.
  14. i just purchased the MAC Mineralize powder & I love it!