Mineral Make-up/Foundation

  1. Those of you who use it...can you tell me if it really works, why you like it, what brand you use, and anyting I should know. I really want to try it, but I am wondering which one and why etc. and I am overwhelmed. (also, I just read alot about the new Urban Decay Minerals...any good?)
  2. I use Bare Essentials (I think that is the name??). I buy it at Ulta. It works much better than I ever thought that it would. I will say, you really have to blend it in and I usually end up doing that with a sponge after the brush. I just bought the blush this weekend as well. I guess I like it because it is easy and very light.
  3. I use Bare Minerals. I have not tried any of the others.

    I do like it and plan to continue using it here is why:

    I have very sensitive skin, not acne; but, my skin is very prone to reactions caused by any type of irritant. Foundations had been clogging up my pores and made my skin appear worse than it really was; it was as if my skin irritations were never going away. BTW: this is all due to my continued use of depo-provera, which I highly caution against for extended periods of time (I have been on for 12 years, and am happy to tell anyone who is interested what the consequences of long-term use are). ANYWAY - back to minerals:

    I started using the BM out of desperation; my skin needed something. All I can say is that it works for me. I can get full coverage with the minerals, It does not emphasize lines or wrinkles and it covers blemishes while not irritating them; therefore, when I have a blemish they heal in half the time they used to.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the BM; also, when I sweat (working out) I can leave the BM on and know that it is not clogging my pores, and it does not sweat off like traditional foundation might.

    Hope this helps.
  4. So far, lots of help. Did anyone help you color match? I am always wondering if I have the right color. My big concern was not emphasizing wrinkles because I am getting up there in age, but I want a finished look without it being heavy.
  5. I use Bare Minerals too. I was a little skeptical when I first bought it but I was really amazed at the coverage I get. I have sensitive skin as well (Rosacea) and it does not cause my cheeks to flare up like other foundations did. I only use the foundation part though. I find that when I add the mineral veil it feels a little cakey.
  6. I did get help with the color choice at Sephora. The SA helped me pick out the correct shade.
  7. Kellybag: I did not get help with color-match (I bought at Ulta); but, I went a shade darker than my gut told me to; and I am glad I did.

    If your Nordstroms sells it (mine does) go there, since they will not only help you but you can bring it back if you are not 100% satisfied.

    I have the mineral veil in some bronzey shade to help me look sun-kissed; that does not give a cakey-effect.
  8. I bought mine at sephora - I actually went in and had a SA do my face and I ended up buying the whole kit for $65 - what a DEAL!!

    I was in dire need of new makeup, as since I turned 35, my skin texture is changing so the studiofix from MAC I used to wear is caking in my laugh lines and the 'age defying' formulas are so thick and greasy that it made me feel like I was suffocating (I am claustrophobic) so mineral makeup to me is the best answer to everything and I cannot believe the full coverage such a light blend can acheive!!

    The SA told me also that to get the full benefits you have to use thier brushes or whatever - but the entire kit including 3 brushes, bronzer and blush and concealer came out to 65 dollars total. totally worth it.

    here's the link
  9. I was really excited when I saw that Ulta had Bare Minerals. My girlfriend and I jumped at the chance to try it on since we've seen the infomercials a gazillion times. We swirled, tapped, like she said but I thought it looked really thick on! So I can see how the coverage is good. It seems like everyone here loves it.

    You should probably just go and be made over with it (don't buy it yet) walk outside and check it out in a mirror. Then go home and see how it looks after a day of it. Then decide if it is right for you.

    Ulta has lots of great people there that will help you out. Sephora is so much fun but I know that Ulta has coupons and specials.

    Good luck! :smile:
  10. I use Bare Minerals-I starting using it heavily when I was pregnant to avoid the chemicals,and I really love it-it is light,gives good coverage when applied correctly,and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.
  11. I've been told by a friend who's a mineral makeup fanatic that she kinda had to re-learn how to do makeup when she switched. I tried giving it a go, but it just didn't look right on me. Sometimes you have to mix different colors to get the "perfect" match--that was too much work for me. And I really just use concealer here and there and then dust on powder. So I couldn't do the switch.

    But if you find a color that works and use a light touch, rather than a heavy hand, I've heard it's great!
  12. I have the Bare Mineral kit too and I love it cuz it's so easy and light but also has descent coverage.
  13. I have used Bare Escentuals for YEARS!! I used it before the infomercal and before stores started to carry it. I started buying it back in the day from QVC.

    I won't put any other foundation on my face. I don't care for their lip colors. I'm more of a MAC gal for lip colors but bare escentuals/bare minerals has THE best foundation period.
  14. I had always wanted to try Bare Essentuals but I don't believe infomercials. I went to Las Vegas last year and tried it at Sephora and loved it. I have dry skin and I never though a powder would look good but it did, plus I don't get pimples as much. It lasts all day doesn't rub off and feels good when you have it on. I would recommend it 100% try it at least.
  15. i've been using philosophy's the supernatural. i like it a lot. it's not sparkley like BE, the color match is better for me, it's easier to apply and travels MUCH better, although i do worry about the sponge getting so dirty. i end up washing it 2x a week. it's a little more expensive though. i also like aromeleigh...it's a small independant company, but you can only order it online and you have to mix your own colors.