Mineral Hobo or Tobacco Laced Satchel

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Should I Return the Chelsea Mineral Hobo and get the Laced Satchel?

  1. Yes, the Satchel is to Die For

  2. No, Keep the Hobo because the Hobo is to Die For

  3. Get Both if you Can Swing It

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I love that Tobacco laced large satchel. It's gorgeous. If you can only pick one I'd say go with that one. The color is more vesitille anyway. IF you can swing both, get both, but only if you can swing it.
  2. I went in to get the Mineral Wristlet & wallet today but I eyed up the Laced Satchel and it is to die for. I am afraid of the satchel scratching though. My funds are kind of low but I was thinking of taking the Hobo back and getting the Tobacco Satchel and the matching wallet.

    Funds are really tight & I might have to split the purchase up among 2 accounts.

    Just trying to feel everyone else out on what is a hotter bag.
  3. Gosh I am dying for that GiGi too and the Mahogany Hobo...
  4. I like the hobo personally but I also love the mineral color. Go with the one that screams at you "I can not live without this bag"
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about the scratching... it's vintage leather and the scratches just add to the character of the bag. If things are tight I'd go with the one you think you will get the most use out of.
  6. Ummm..too much going on with the laced satchel for me. The Mineral Hobo...TDF!!
  7. I would get both if you can swing it -- but don't put yourself in debt too much. Otherwise, I would just get the purse that calls to you the most -- for me, that's the tobacco satchel.
  8. I love mineral! Please don't take it back lol
  9. If you can only swing one bag, you could get the best of both worlds and get the mineral stachel! I think the mineral color is TDF!!
  10. Noshoe, I voted for the satchel!:tup:It's TDF! Have you seen it INR?

    But, if you can get both...:graucho:
  11. I love the color of the mineral, but like the styling of the satchel. I know that's no help. Which do you think you'd get more use out of?
  12. I love the laced satchel!
  13. The laced satchel is really gorgeous! Just amazing! It gets my vote!
  14. I :heart: Mineral-- so it gets my vote.